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Our solutions ensure that Volvo Diplomat customers are guaranteed
exclusivity at a special discounted price.

Choose your new Volvo, tailor it to your unique requirements,
and select the most suitable delivery option, enjoying premium service
at every stage of your experience with us.

Volvo XC40

The compact SUV designed with a purpose for our planet - and designed for urban driving. 

Discover the Volvo XC40

Light version-SKW125_3_4_rear_BEV_0

Volvo EX90

An electrified performance SUV like no other - reaching Volvo's highest level of standard safety ever.

Discover the Volvo EX90

Light version-BL022_Rear78_0

Volvo EC40

A pure heart in a daring body. Get to know our very first electric crossover.

Discover the Volvo EC40

Light version-SKW204_3_4_rear_0
Light version-TIM00670_ICE_doorupdate

Volvo V90

Crafted for comfort. Built for adventure. The Volvo V90 is a luxury station wagon designed to go the extra mile.

Discover the Volvo V90

Light version-POM037_V60_LOCATION_EXT

Volvo V60

Room for life. Loads of legroom. Meet our V60 estate – all set for whatever life has in store.

Discover the Volvo V60

Light version-FOB154_family_driveway_no_talents_XC60

Volvo XC60

Intelligent design at every turn. Meet our smart midsize SUV - designed for a cleaner way to move through the world.

Discover the Volvo XC60