For every you. Bold styling. Smart tech. Electric driving.

A pure electric heart in a daring body

Our first all-electric crossover – with a slimmed silhouette and intelligent tech features – doesn’t force you to choose between power and responsible driving.
With zero tailpipe emissions and a leather free interior, it’s your perfect match.

The EC40, also dedicated to diplomats

Getting from your home to the Schuman area might be among the journeys you will do on board the Volvo EC40. Or how about visiting The Hague, a museum in Paris and enjoying a trip with colleagues, friends, or family. Our diplomatic sales program, specifically dedicated to diplomats and military personnel and one of the most comprehensive ones in the market, makes sure you can plan any of these journeys within a comfortable manner. Have a seat and enjoy an electric range of 448 km without compromises.


Discover all the features


Google built-in

What if you and your Volvo are inextricably linked? With Google built-in your driving experience has never been so perfectly tailored to you.


First Class Navigation

Reaching your destination has never been easier. With Google Maps you will get real-time information, rerouting when needed and a way to easily find the nearest charging station.


Google Assistant

‘Hey Google, bring me to my meeting.’ That’s how effortless it is. With Google Assistant you can ask for directions, enjoy entertainment and keep in touch with colleagues and family while still holding the steering wheel and focusing on traffic.


Connected with Google Play

Listen to your favourite inspirational podcast or a relaxing song before starting your working day. Google Play makes sure you have your apps and services available at all times.


Always up-to-date

Never miss anything. The EC40 automatically updates, guaranteeing your car is always at your service.



Safety has been in our DNA since the very start. The EC40 has the technology to make a real difference when it comes to your safety.

Light version-SKW006

Trouble-free 360° parking

Parking has never been easier with four cameras and flank sensors providing awareness of objects around your car.

Light version-SKW_221_EC40

Cross Traffic Alert

We know how hard it can be to reverse with limited view. Cross Traffic Alert ensures you are aware of vehicles behind you and, if needed, your Volvo brakes automatically.


Blind Spot System

Avoid stressful situation when changing lanes with BLIS, our Blind Spot Information System that subtly adjusts steering if tailgaters are approaching behind and beside you.

Full version-SKW017

Avoid collisions

Reduce the risk of colliding with another vehicle, object, person, or large animal. Our collision avoidance assistance helps you get back into the lane by actively steering or by autobraking if you, as a driver, fail to react.


Comfort and Tech

Safety has been in our DNA since the very start. The EC40 has the technology to make a real difference when it comes to your safety.

Full version-SKW002

Cleaner cabin air

Enjoy healthier air quality in the EC40 with our advanced air purifier system that keeps away up to 80% of hazardous particles.

Light version-SKW_210_EC40

Driver assistance

By adapting your speed and keeping your EC40 centred in its lane, you are able to keep a safe distance to cars in front of you.

Full version-VCC12517_C40

Premium sound

Enjoy state-of-the-art sound performance that immerses you in every sense with the premium Harman Kardon Sound system.

Full version-SKW024

Remote services

Easily access your car via your phone with our Digital Services package. Locking or unlocking your car, heating or cooling and charging, you can do it all remotely.


Configure your EC40

Smart, responsible and visually pleasing down to the last detail. Meet the new fully-electric EC40 crossover and adjust it entirely to your liking.


EC40 Core

The standard equipment level for a connected and comfortable drive.


EC40 Plus

Get the comprehensive equipment level above standard with all you need for harmonious travel.


EC40 Ultra

Experience the highest equipment level for optimum comfort, advanced connectivity and outstanding Scandinavian style.