The fully electric EX40

An expressive and versatile SUV designed for living life to the fullest.

A pure experience.

Make every journey about much more than getting from A to B. In the EX40, your commitment to a more sustainable future has never felt better.


Volvo EX40 in a glance


575 km

Electric range
(Up to)


28 m

DC fast charging time


16.6 kWh

Energy consumption
(per 100km)


Meet Volvo EX40

Explore some of the EX40 features that see this SUV tick all the boxes in head-turning style.


Next-generation powertrains

Drive further and charge faster with our next-generation electric powertrains. They’re engineered to increase range and reduce charging times.


Powerful acceleration

Enjoy the powerful acceleration that makes driving fun. The EX40 is designed to deliver a complete driving experience with zero tailpipe emissions.


Agile handling

Select the Single Motor powertrain and get the power and agility of rear-wheel drive. Opt for the Twin Motor to enjoy even more powerful performance and an all-wheel drive experience.

Light version-SKW_133_EX40

Peace of mind in your demanding day

A contemporary cabin designed for comfort and confident driving.


Stress-busting features

Pinpoint your EX40 on a map or honk the horn to locate it Volvo Cars app. Lock and unlock it with a tap when you forget your keys. Update and upgrade car software with a click. And adjust the cabin climate before setting off.


Google Maps

Reach your destination without hassle using Google Maps. It's integrated into the EX40 infotainment system to put real-time traffic information at a glance. Get updated navigation when conditions change or if you take a wrong turn, and locate charging stations within range when it's time to top up.


Cleaner cabin air

Breathe cleaner air with our advanced air purification system. It prevents up to 80 per cent of hazardous PM 2.5 particles from entering the cabin, delivering better quality air no matter the outside conditions. You can also monitor particles and pollen levels outside and in real time.

Light version-SKW_118_EX40

Open skies

The open-and-tilt panoramic roof creates an airy ambience that lifts every journey. A power-operated sunshade reduces glare on sunny days, and the dark-tinted laminated glass increases comfort and security.